When crafting weapons/Armory

Someone in my faction told me that for me to get abs Def or stun on a weapon it’s better that I use 1 duct tape and 1 polishing kit. I just want to know if this is true or not. Can anyone confirm this?

Always use a duct tape and a polishing kit. Every time!

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Yes, you need to get a regular success for the crit success to even have a chance. So therefore always use a duck tape. I also recommend you get both crit spots from territories if you can as well because even with them the crit success rate is still quite low. Once both are successful, you will see a gold flash in the crafting screen, the odds of getting stun, ab def, etc. are still very low. If you see a green flash you failed the crit chance.
Good luck.

This chart has all the traits that can occur when crafting.
Credit due to Petrapool the creator of this awesome chart.


I’ve had some luck with holding both success territories and not using tape but its very risky

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It can still hit for sure but if you have the tape you might as well use it for 100% regular success. Too bad there wasn’t an item that did the same for the crit successes. I don’t see why not as the actual chance of getting what you want is so low.

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It’s a long process for some to get stun abs def etc, I’ve tried 15 times to get stun on wyatts harpoon and given up now that was with both crit areas,yet I’ve just done 3 different weapons no crit areas and all 3 got huge ap to attack, and also got an impair on a blue gun without crit areas,so it’s luck with whatever you try.

Yep, you do not need the crit areas. I got a stun without one but you cannot get a stun without a crit success and the territories give it a 30% bonus so it would be foolish to not use it whenever possible. With a duck tape you can ignore the regular success territores.

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ive only had a trait success hit with no duct tape once. its sketch for sure. if you were gonna craft something without duct tape then i would be trying ap boosts. i have had way more success that way than trying to bank on a trait crit.

Remeber regular success and crit success are two different things but you CANNOT get a crit success without a regular success. So not guaranteeing the reg success with a dt is really taking a gamble.

Thanks for the info guys!