When character collection is done right

Way back in the 5* meta scopely had some great events. For example The christmas event were they had a fast christmas lori with ap to all and a wheel with a guaranteed 5* pull with great characters in them. All you had to do was play the map every day until it was over. The second great event was my first revive the blue chose your side jesus. he’s great and was fairly easy to get. Finally i wouldn’t say it was the best in fact it left many in tears because michonne heads were rare but the green limited edition negan. He was for the most part perfect but i don’t see how scopes keeps pumping out sub par f2p when they used to release characters that even p2p used. It has been a while since the gateway tokens were made and that was truly the event that to this day stands above all. The things that made all these events perfect was the fact that no one is left out and that with enough dedication to these events everyone can have some worth. Still though i still wait for the return of the turkey tokens from 3 or was it 2 years ago.


it seems now that they dont care for ftp. all the wheels luck wheel winter wheel and so. i feel if were short a few coins from war give us a roadmap with the few we need. to at least get 1 pull. when higher up are getting 3 to 6 pulls. ftp dont get 1. it like they dont wanna make those events you just mentioned those were at least doable

Yeah, the first telltale event was great too, guaranteed rewards if you were willing to grind for them. These days they seem to have lost their way and it’s just guaranteed rewards if you’re willing to pay for them.

Shame really, what made those events special was that it united F2P & P2W in wanting to engage with the game.

Those who said things have improved obviously weren’t around since the beginning lmao


That’s the biggest problem with the new events they rely on too much luck when back in the old days events were about showing how dedicated you are for some rewards not luck.


does the “Beginning” count if you started playing around the end of the negan event? You know the green one with the chains i think his rush name was you are it.

They used to give away attack toons and sell defense toons, now they do the opposite… give everyone revives and shields and then charge people for decaps and disarms… u dont buy attack toons? U cant score in war… simple as that.

Instead of creating a few really good characters for a few rare events they would rather throw together toons that weren’t even useful if it was 5 * days. This supposed choose your side maggie/Jon was a joke. I was unsure of my weekend activity so I purchased a 10$ offer for tubes. I did the entire thing in about 20 minutes. Maggie will probably sit with solange as a 5* forever most likely.
Scopely confuses the fact that spenders will still spend even if they give out good characters in events or as legacies. They literally try ad pinch every penny possible. This is not how most good businesses work. Don’t get me wrong it’s nice that players have access to more options. As a veteran we did not have free toons or events every month back in the day.
If players actually could obtain a really good guaranteed toon I know a lot of people wouldn’t mind spending 20$ here and there. Or staying up all weekend to war. They now have taken coins from leagues which was the one way most f2p had a chance at getting ahead or should I say able to keep up

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