When can we expect a new calendar

Scopely what happened to putting the calendar out before and so that people could plan for the events this event ends today and we have no idea what’s coming next please get something up

Probably. Next week sometime not that it matters we llknow what’s next level ups lol

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Calendar comes out on Tuesdays. But we all know that its just gonna be loaded with bs solo lvl ups. Rather then doing some kind of variety. But for some unknown bs people actually like the nonstop lvlups.

And yeah i know its opinional to particapate. Dont mean we have to like that fact of all the lvlups. They ignore events peoplwe actually want like Blitz Wars to overrun these lvlups. And the rewards arent even any good for them.


I love those solo lvl ups
Only consistent thing around these days…

Mmm solo level up starts the same time as last week. Solo raid starts the same time as last week. Solo SR starts the same time as last week. IF we are lucky, for variety onslaught might replace it.

Repeat solo level up, raid for Thursday/Friday.

The only thing that might be different is will it be war? What kind? How ling?

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When was the last blitz war? Seems like ages. Be nice to see those back.

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Calander never differs except for the odd onslaught. Only real question is what kind of war will we have this weekend.

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