When can I earn tokens for the new s class characters?

So. I’ve asked in support. They just said oh are you saying you can’t select them send screenie.
Is the guy who’s supposed to update rewards for the arena boxes and 30 boxes have a stroke from the cocaine orgy they had at the office?
I want to know when I can earn Mercer cards.
S class box more like shyte class box

His cards aren’t available now

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His promo just happened, it usually takes a month or longer for the newest cards to be added to any kind of crate for us to grind towards.

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They are just starting to leak daiyu cards through, next up will be princess, then Mercer I’m guessing. Could at least be a couple of months away.
And yeah I can’t understand why the gold ticket arena rewards haven’t been updated the same as the roadmap has.

Probably so idiots want take them over rings

Why they gotta be Black Santas sticking things up you?

Sounds like you have some personal issues you are projecting anger from.

Did someone hurt you?
It’s okay, you can talk about it. This is a safe place.

Well, if you haven’t played any other shard based game, this is pretty much how it works.
Paying players get early access to characters and then the f2p base gets a way to grind for said character, somewhere down the road.
Maybe a month or more.
There can be some exceptions, but it’s pretty much how it works in many games now.
If you wanted to get Mercer, maybe you should have saved some Tapjoy coins and try and pull for him.

By the looks of things maybe in 4 to 5 months time (optimistically), Mercer cards can be available for grind or on rewards but by then, most likely, a counter will already be available. And that’s the way it goes.
If don’t want to wait, you got to pay/pull.

Doing a bit of digging:

  • Hengyen was released around September 30th and added to the choice boxes during the Michonne event (there was a gate), on October 26, so slightly less than a month
  • Aarav was released around October 11 and added to the choice boxes around November 13, so pretty much one month
  • Guo was released around October 25. I couldn’t find hard info on when he was added, but it should have been at the same time as Aarav, as I have 16 choice boxes containing both before the Spider toy boxes, which were released around Nov 27, and which I probably claimed only a few days after. That would mean Guo was added after 2 weeks
  • Wangfa was released around November 8. Again no hard info, but I have 14 30 item choice crates with him, which should put the date that he was added around Dec 21, so about 1 1/2 months
  • Daiyu was released around Nov 29, and has not been added yet, so we are at slightly over a month already

So you are right, the historical average is close to a month; the first few were added almost exactly a month later, then it sped up for one toon and has since then slowed down.

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Pretty much yes. See the original announcement of this system, S-Class Fighter Updates [Aug 14]

At the initial release of every new S-Class fighter there may be a window of exclusivity where collectibles for that new fighter are only in Premier Recruits. Once the exclusive window ends, the collectibles will become available through all other channels listed above.

I already have over 200 sitting unused in my inventory. Not sure adding another 150+ from choice boxes is going to do much, but the collectibles probably won’t either, so I’ll just keep sitting on them until a particular play becomes obvious.

But, they are added at a much slower rate to red velvet cakes collections or offered as rewards on tournaments.
The S-Class roadmap is very lackluster. Either they award more torches per milestone or they give more collectibles per roadmap completion.
At the rate torches are given through the S Class roadmap, it would take around 133 tournaments to get 1 S Class.
The main avenue for collectibles are the red velvet cake collections. For instance, Wangfa was released November 8th and only now we are seeing his collectibles being given out in red velvet cakes choice boxes. So it’s around 2 months for collectibles to be awarded at a proper rate (if you consider awarding them through past promos a proper rate).
That’s nowhere near acceptable since we are talking about Scopely and their Skyrocketing Powercreep.
I think that in 1 month’s time, the collectibles for a previous S Class promo, should be widely available through all avenues.

Maybe for heavy spenders. F2P and moderate spenders, unless maybe they are in a dead region or in a very dominating faction, simply don’t have enough cake - even moderate spenders will probably not have enough time to grab most toons as Sclass before the collection is up, so you’d have to expect 500 for 1.1k, and you need 2.5 wars to do this which is over a month. Even the Sclass map (30 a day and 4 torch maps per month) beats that at roughly 1.4k collectibles. And if you are in a dead region or a dominating faction, you might be getting the most from solos or faction tournaments - faction events should easily add up to 2k collectibles per month for them. Personally, I think I get most from solos since the change, levelups in particular - even something relatively easy like getting top 10 gives you 300 per tournament, so assuming two per week and one replaced by faction LUT that would be 1.8k per month, and there’s always the option of placing top 3 or winning for an extra boost (or to make up for placing lower).

(Also, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you arrive at the 133 esitmate? The highest number of torches handed out usually is 75 in levelups, with fewer in other events, so 133 x 75 is 9975 torches, at 166 per run that’s about 7.8k collectibles. Did you include the 30 daily, which would put it at 9.6k?)

I’m also not quite sure the differential in adding to velvet boxes is highly consistent yet. Going through my boxes, the oldest velvet cake box I have is from the Priya second promo, which contains Aarav cards that the daily boxes from that time do not have yet (there’s at least 5, and I may have opened some to get Hengyen cards to prepare for his eventual collection). Guo and Wangfa were both added after the daily boxes (Guo is not in the Laopo box, but is in the Raulito one; Wangfa was not in the Aarav box yesterday, but is in now), by I would esitmate 2-3 weeks; but Guo was added unusually early, and Wangfa was added to all boxes unusually late. We don’t have enough information for a complete pattern yet.

My opinion on the update rate: the fewer Stoons in circulation the better, so I’m alright with a slow update rate. I do like consistency though, so I would prefer them to commit to a particular schedule for updating the individual parts and stick to it.

Personally I don’t select any toons cards from Arena ,all I want from is Rings

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Smart man/woman

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