When asking for gear

Since it seems like nobody at scopley HQ plays this game.
The gear everyone was talking about is not what this event has offered.
The gear wanted is for leveling up S class toons.
Gear such as radios, watches, tripods, and practice you dummies.
The daily grinders have more than enough wool beanies, gas masks, briefcases, walkie talkies, etc.
Scopley it looks like you put alot of effort into this event and it could have been an awesome event if only you had any clue whatsoever about what your player base wanted.
So please scopley for the love of RTS start listening to people who actually play this game as to what rewards will make the masses happy.


Qu’ils mangent de la brioche

She was was dragged to the guillotine and beheaded for this type of disconnect with the masses.

Emperor Hui of Jin
Dont have enough rice then eat meat
Didn’t he have a mental disability?

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