When are you going to merge regions?


Numerous people are complaining war is way down, competition is down. Outside the top factions who have nothing better to do the regions are dying.

Please save the game we love.

Region mergers make it happen already

It’s not going to happen unfortunately. There are so so many regions that need a merge, including my own. Honestly I would welcome a merge even if it knocked me down the totem pole. I want to play against and work with new people but it doesn’t seem profitable business for scopely. I’ll probably be the last woman standing in my region at the rate players are dropping.


Don’t see how it’s not profitable. Merge regions and offer tons of promotions. The whales and insane will spend like crazy. I honestly think scopley’s staff is too incompetent to do it without completely messing it up.




Wrong thread.


plays “for whom the bell tolls” metallica


R.I.P. Cliff Burton


We’ve only got 13 factions with more than 100k in Conecuh. My faction which is usually around 4th place has faced the top faction 7 times out of the last 10 or 11 match ups in the past 3 or 4 hours. We are typicaly out matched and my faction is having a hard time getting any points toward milestones. Typically for me at this point in war I’m at 70k or more but I’m only at 42k. Match making is terrible and dying regions are draining the life out of players. Its hard to keep motivated when its the same thing over.


One of my all time favorites. The first 3 albums are the best by far.

What we all need is region mergers and metallica!