When are you going to fix this scopley?

Here i am way far into leagues. Reached platinum 5 and still missing rewards from missions. Several contacts to support nothing is happening.

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Jb already talked abt this the rewards will come either at the end of the season or next season.

Funny how they can’t fix it instantly like they did with Andrea.


There’s a huge difference between running a simple script with a bit of database manipulation and writing code for 2 OS platforms that involves submitting it for approval to 3 different app store vendors.


Yes you’ve told me this before. Doesn’t take away the fact that they fix what hurts them a lot faster than what hurts us.


No money for them to be made on this fix so they aren’t too worried about it


If they applied this fix mid season everyone’s score will change in some way. If they wait till the start of season 3 when everyone’s score is 0 and it’s an easier patch

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Shouldn’t have been a bug in the first place. They had plenty of time to do it in the beginning of this season.


didnt bother them to not give people the resources they used for leveling up andreas but some random stuff… could just give people random score. they just didn’t bother to do it quick…

The funny thing about the whole andrea gate is that as soon as people max her out they are going to quit the club. Nothing else it offers is remotely even worth the $25 bucks a month and they know it. Hence why she was “fixed”.

I also still find it unbelievable that they launched SC broken like that. I guess they have never heard of a thing called beta testing*?

  • Not to be confused with the beta regions where nothing that’s bugged there gets fixed before going live either.

I don’t really blame them for fixing the Andrea bug, but they could have at least given people compensation that they deserve, like everything back that they used instead of just the trainers and all that. Though they also could have done it right the first time.

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People rushed to exploit Andrea and still got upset. Imagine how many people would get upset if their score went down, it would be the end of the world

because got random stuff back.

scopely doesnt care. rewinds stuff fast that hurts their pockets, slacks at stuff which doesnt affect their income. like the wanderer nerf who was too good at his time and the bugged morgan… sold and forgotten.

It’s not an exploit to level up a toon as required by the game. They launched her with the wrong requirements. This is not the fault of anyone who decided to level her up its 100% on them.

Anyone with half a brain can see and understand this. No brick and mortar business would have been able to get away with this either. They would have had to honor their mistake and had to correct it going forward. I’m still not sure how they can get away with things like this just because it’s digital either.

Where’s are bird lawyers at? I know it’s not your specialty but I could use some insight here? :smirk:



Oh so you didn’t take advantage of a flaw (in a computer system) for personal gain? Leveling up a toon faster then you have ever leveled one up before hoping to have an advantage. Everyone knew it was a mistake, most people realized it wouldn’t last but some people still act like they were assaulted lol.

Everyone knows the scores are wrong but all these posts just need to get merged into one and pinned to the top. The wait is almost over and we can all move onto the next minuscule hiccup we find.

is this forbidden?

we didnt knew from which lvl it would require special gear, we leveled till we could… how is this exploiting something?

i was talking about scopely giving us random stuff back, why did you start the whole thing over again by calling us exploiters?

You know this isn’t true. Any half-way decent player can get a fresh 5-star to t4 6-star in a matter of moments.

I did it back in the day when the Gov went live. I did it the day I single pulled Erika and I just did it this weekend with Erik. Low key brag but I 10 pulled Louis today and you can bet he’s gonna be maxed come Monday’s level up.

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Here is the problem, they never said when they fix it to me. All the messages i got says , “We are aware of it and the team is working on it”. So i am just put off till…whenever.

The same kind of script code could easily determine the current league class you’re in, grant the mission rewards in your inbox and set a few status updates to mission milestones in a database. You’re talking out of your rear end.

They will release another toon after Andrea. Most likely a decap or disarmer to counter Andrea lol.