When are you going to fix Territories?

Been trying to capture the crit Territories for the last three hours. Constant crashes before, during and after (before I can place a team). Crashes during raids and level up as well after I receive a notification that a defence team has been removed or my faction has lost a territory.

This is an absoluate joke. When is this going to be fixed @JB.Scopely?

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Already been stated use the “search” feature


Fix this fucking shit

Cant even take crits what so ever with out some ■■■■ sniping them that seems not to crash

Never. You’re understand? Happiness!

This should have been a priority Scopely. Game stability over more features designed to make you money

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zzzzz missed crits yet again zzzz keep bumping this

survivors club members will have fixed territories issues. for everyone else its gonna be bugged and lagged…


bump wooo

They’ve had issues since territory became live so I don’t think they’ll fix any of the issues any time soon since it’s not a priority to them.

yes it has been stated. i wrote this post 11 months ago, and tell me what has happened since then?

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Always happens in our region when certain top 2 factions are trying to take or trying to hold the territory.

Never had crashes or failure to place teams against any other faction in our region

Umm this :neutral_face:

you obviously didnt read the thread :sunglasses:

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