When are we getting the 5* rick?


So when we getting it? Happy walking dead day btw


I was hopeing it was going to be another event like the 6* Ezekiel was, you did a roadmap to get the 4* version then a museum Collection comes out were you have to level up said 4* then another item is needed to collect the 5* version and then the 5* version is made ascendable.


What Rick


Rick from the walking dead series. The leader of Alexandria. Not pickle rick


The rick is in Road maps …


Best Rick ^^


Funny that the Rick they gave out was a four


Theres two ricks 4 star and the 5 star…


Its not a 5*.


5* was a freebie for signing up to sktbound newsletter. Doubt many will get because we all signed up for the free 3* tyreese back in the day lol


Well the 4* had the stats of the 5* most likely a f*ckup on their end


nah a lot of the newer 4 stars have stats that are higher than a lot of old 5 stars
3 stars too, new ones are stated like old 4 stars


Not a Scopely mixup, the roadmap Rick was always a 4* and the 5* Rick was a separate toon obtained in a different way (signing up for the skybound insider, as mentioned). Both characters were leaked. As for the 5* stats, power creep is a thing.


I was hopeing it was going to be another Ezekiel event :cry: but im a insider since day one still got my 3* tyreese and dont have the 5* rick yet


Based on the 5* ricks stats, 4* are gonna be stronger than them soon if its a sign to come. Theres only a hundred or so points between them. Strange that they’d only apply the power creep to one of the two new toons


Not true, a lot of the more recent 4 stars are a class above the original 4 stars. You just don’t notice it because they’re still shit in the current 6 star world.

And i’m not sure the term “Power Creep” is particularly apt here either. I’m not sure anyone who is legit using these 4 stars is going to creep up on those sporting 5 and 6 stars.


I haven’t heard of anyone getting the 5* Rick yet, regardless of when they signed up.


Oof, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY :birthday:


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Happy bday :wink: