When are we getting our missing knives back?

It has been another 2 weeks.

Exactly when am I going to get our missing knives?

Can I at least get an estimate?

It’s not like I am asking for freebies. I am simply asking to fix a bug which could be simply fixed by adding 1 item. I don’t understand why does it take 2.5 months and stilll not fixed.


Shoot, I’d like to know too. I’ve been ready to max out Crista for almost a month.

Thanks for your question. Some additional knives will be made available soon so players can end their collection and upgrade their character.


When are the s classes coming out.

I already know who they are
either frost and marlon
Mateo (Yes that mateo from the roadmap) and angel.

Or a mix of old and new. Frost,mateo
Angel, Marlon and rosie.
(These are possible candidates so this is just my opinion)

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Big question is when is soon?
Like I tell my son When we driving we are there soon.
It actually is a goal but not now but not next week either.
But no info or wrong info that’s how play!

That response isn’t good enough, we’ve been waiting over 2 weeks for a response like that?

I bet they’ll be another premier released no problem on Friday and won’t be put on the back burners and released ‘soon’.


Yup sounds like you have absolutely no idea who is coming out…

My dude these were vk leaks. Frost, marlon and rosie (s class strong) Mateo and angel. Those are the 4 only s class that haven’t been released. Frost and angel are tough and mateo and marlon are strong. Check vk. The leaks were old. Check yourself before you check someone else dude.

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But this does address the OP prime concern/problem. As they have stated before they have completed the museum collection for knives as indicated in the screenshot in the thread they linked, yet the level up page does not count all their knives. How can they be one knife short but also have collected all 22? Telling them you can buy one soon does not address the problem. They should have the knives they already collected counted for and should be able to upgrade the toon.

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So you have no more clue than anyone else. It could be from the few leaks we’ve already seen or it could be brand news ones we don’t know about. Sounds like you’ve got it figured out

I do. Im pretty sure scopely will either release both old s class or the ones that were newly leaked. As It’s really unlikely they’ll do a mix of old and new.

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Did we see a leak of Christa or James before they were released?

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For all we know yes it could be 2 of those 4. But just saying since we saw leaks of these toons it’s going to be them is actually just a guess and not a fact

Yeah. Oh shit! Scopely made a non s class version of james and christa. (Vk even had 5* of james and christa.) Anyway Im switching classes ttyl

So you’re saying now it could possibly be a non S Class toon we’ve seen leaked that they might change and make the S Class give away toons? Sounds clear as mud who it will be.

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No fam. Scopely had james and christa non s class (Im guessing they were probably gonna have a promo for em) They look the same as 6* But their 5* versions are different. Frost, marlon and rosie, mateo, angel are our f2p s class candidates.

Christa and james non s class is unknown. Why the hell would scopely make a non s class version of a f2p toon??

I’m dumbfounded by this response. I’m not sure how to respond.

So it has to be from the leaked S Class toons because they won’t give us a non leaked S Class toon. And there is no way it’s a toon that has already been leaked as a 5* or 6* that they will change to S Class, because just because it’s leaked it makes it set in stones and they can’t change it, because they already did that the first time and won’t do that again.

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Fam thats the thing. Vk had leaks of christa and james s class.

And there was leaks of the same toons but with 5* and 6.
meaning there was leaks of christa and james non s class with the same clothing but no s class.

Like why would scopely make a 5 ascendable and a 6 of a non s class toon that’s f2p??

I can’t even

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