When are war crates going to get overhauled as well as prizes?


War crates are long long long overdue for an overhaul…supply depot points aren’t worth the time of day anymore just wondering when this is going to get done?

Also 1-8 a smelling salt isn’t worth that either if we have moved on from 5*s we need to move on from those mediocre prizes as well.

I won’t even get into the main prizes discussion thats for another thread.

Players would like to see this changed…thanks.


Well while they remove war for several more weeks hopefully they can revamp the war crates… and some ascendable war rewards???


What would you add?

Elite item tokens - agree
Lilith and Aden - agree
Ascension medals - agree
Remove basic tokens - agree
Gear depot token - on the fence… Food
5s/4s/weapon tokens - sure

Rewarding activity with rewards that actually provide progress would be good.


Instead of removing basic tokens why not make them useful by updating the wheel. Remove all 1-star weapons and toons from it and now we gave value back to them. We can all use extra two stars for the neverending level ups and break down the two-star weapons for parts.

Everything else would be good to see added as well. We really need a better way to get 4-star weapon tokens than from the occasional reward or event.


Sure. As long as it’s better and more rewarding than what we have.


Why not overhaul the daily missions as well? I mean who really needs guts? The only time I even bother with doing daily missions is when they have the 15 coin mission. The rest of i can do without but thats just me, I can’t and don’t speak for anyone but myself


Yeah, this would be nice. Even if they replaced the guts with a night vision goggle that would be an improvement. I tend to avoid all but the coin and item token ones and then only if it’s stuff I was gonna do anyway.