When are transfers

It’s 2020 qualifying is over for woc can you tell us when we can transfer? @GR.Scopely


Appreciate the reply but that wasn’t an answer at all that’s just as bad as their replys that say a transfer will happen in 2020

Yet… that was his official answer.

They could start by sharing the final results of the qualification wars and start providing the special transfer keys for the WOC region:) Let’s get this party started.

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Yes i see none of their answers are actual answers

Welcome to Rts

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@jolieandbecks gave you the latest update I have on this.

Early next year

Well you guys are consistent in one thing that’s for sure never giving a real answer. First it’s in 2020 then it’s in one to two weeks now it’s hopefully after woc. You guys aren’t game developers your telemarketers with the same damn script


They been saying transfers are after WoC the whole time. If thats not a good enough answer then idk what else to say other then just simply wait.

Really guys we should spend more money on the game so they can afford some decent customer service. This is our fault.

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