When are things here going to be about results, not excuses?

I’ve been reading this forum for a long time. I’ve seen a lot of excuses, victim blaming, censorship, and appeals for sympathy. I haven’t seen much in the way of results.

Other than an event calendar that is right half the time, what has improved about the game since Albert Wei’s letter? We still have bad prizes, bad milestones, broken content, and a list of unfulfilled promises almost a mile long.

Why should we, as a community, be victim blamed for being negative or demanding people be held accountable, when they are the ones not delivering?

Why should we be given excuses like, this was before my time, are all of the promises of Albert Wei no longer valid because new people get hired?

Why should we continue to see the the well spoken voices of the community removed, when you can no longer offer a valid rebuttal to their logic?

Why do we need posts pointed at our sympathy, talking about fear, how unfair the community is, how offended you felt, etc?

The reality is, we don’t need any of that. We need change and we need results.

  1. We need a direct admission that the promises of Albert Wei, the statements after ascendence, etcetera, were incorrect. Remember the word direct. At this point, you’ve lost most of your credit with the people here, so it needs to come from someone above you or be pretty magical. “We realize that we made a lot of statements that didn’t come true. We messed up, we’ve been messing up, and it will be remedied”

  2. An action plan for how it will be remedied. Specific and detailed information on what changes are going to happen. How are rewards changing, what will the milestones be changed to, what will the promised roadmaps will look like and what parts of the week they will be on, how many legacy ascendables are you going to open up next week to make up for the fact that non have been released in two months?

  3. Time frames for when it will be remedied. We don’t want to hear “mid 2018” we want to see specific dates or small windows, so that if these promises aren’t upheld again, we can directly hold you accountable.

I fully expect to not get any of these things. I fully expect to see dodging, avoidance of the topic as a whole, appeals to sympathy, because I’ve directly spoken about the lack of results lately. Why do I expect these things? Because it has been the pattern set over the last few months and I genuinely doubt that results will become a priority now.

Do you feel as though we are short on results and long on excuses?

  • Yes
  • No

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Maybe with this event everything will change…


Well said Lance. The community in restless and tired of waiting for broken promises. I once spent weekly on this game, and since my prestige is 1.1 million, I spent a lot. I am now down to my monthly pass, and I’m questioning whether I should even renew it again this month. We need change, and it needs to come fast.

Very well said.

Nailed it.

Monday wil be cntl + alt + del.

I wish this would do some good but I doubt it.

If this game did go down I reckon we would be getting the blame for it…

As well as no action…I hate when we get some answers they don’t add up.

Like the 6* Buff.
We were told that a large amount of members didn’t think the 6*s were strong enough…

I don’t believe that. Would put money on it not been true. In fact you cans see why they did it especially with the actions taken afterwords by having the vast majority of ascendables been premier recruits from then on.

Also when have they listened to the fans and then changed something that big.
We just got confirmation from KaliShane that the Buff took awhile to do and wasn’t quick.
Which means they must have been working on it probably less than a month after they came out.
Probably planned from the get go.

We see this…yet we are treated like idiots.


This thread Monday:



This issue was brought up already a lot of times and we all want some clarification. Obviously, there was no request made in this forum to boost the stats of the 6*s. nor was there a support by the community when they did it. Still they said that they took into account players feedback.

The only explanation I see is that the amount of pulls made for 6*s after they were introduced is counted as players feedback. Which is an indirect feedback but still a feedback.

That is actually a rather simple yes or no question @kalishane.
When you said players feedback in order to raise the stats of the 6s did you mean that players were not making pulls for 6s as they did before for 5*s?


Six star buff doesn’t need an explaining. They put it in place because they saw the whales were still winning with five stars. Why spend or change from five stars when the speed variable was much better?

They put in the buff to make five stars irrelevant and to allow the f2p to be competitive roster wise. Then, they stopped releasing six stars al together to force the whales to spend on the next six stars to regain the avdnatve they had. Don’t need an admission to know that this was the case.


I have braced myself for a big nothing to result from this,none of what we have tried to convey matters to them,it’s an endless clusterfuck and we are trapped in it

I asked kali to get the phantom (otherwise known as albert)to personally join in the convos and will not hold my breath on that…what real harm could come of that other than hurt feelings and a dose of the reality that they are failing miserably at business…remember the no.1 rule ,the customer is always right,we pay for this garbage,so therefore we are customers and should be treated differently than we hv been…we should all just brace for the impact of imminent let down of what’s sure to be more of no answers,a lackluster Xmas event and more overpriced bs

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Don’t just like, please comment even if you disagree. I would like to hear why.

So you’re saying there’s a chance!

Somebody is a little flag-happy…


Its like the start of mission impossible on this forum these days this message will now self destruct, be flagged, banned, merged in 3… 2… 1


This thread be like…

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