When are hackers being dealt with?


Currently we are in a region war Butler and Coosa.
Its the second time we matched Coosa a region know for hacking and admitted they are…

When will this be dealt with? Its really taking the fun out of the game.

I have recordings of a war were there are fully maxed out 6* teams with perfect weapons.


Apparently some in Coosa have been dealt with. There is a thread on this already. A few have been pinged from a couple of regions. Obviously not all of them though.


They didn’t fix anything with Wendy’s bug so it’s obvious scope is not enough skilled to fix anything more complicated


Unfortunately those hacker’s are also top spenders, Don’t expect much to happen to their main accounts :confused:


Those who cheated in Coosa are gone right now.


Can’t say if they are or are not but highly suspicious fighting 5x 6s tier 4 in a tower.

There are a few with two which is believable. But 5 in a tower? I’m skeptical but could be wrong.

Either way is what it is. We’ll have to be more active and win when those teams sign off.


How do you explain these teams of your faction mates red:

One max 6* ok possible
Two max 6* not likely but ok benefit of the doubt
Three max 6* not possible
Four max 6* hell no

I see you keep defending them but can someone of scopely reply that they are legit? @kalishane


LOL this one was in towers. Not accusing but suspicious


Im in coosa and wonder how they have so many tier 4 6*s to


They got the most blatant ones in coosa and even some no one expected. If there are more all we can do is hope that scopely will continue in this direction with banning. Nobody wants cheaters out of coosa more than those that are playing legitimately in coosa. That being said most will not accuse those they have been playing with for a while without hard core proof. Should those people be banned, well it’s irrefutable evidence. Until then we’d all like to think the best of those that we have formed friendships with, out of those that are still left. Even if we had suspicions the fact that they keep remaining intact through ban waves, eases the doubt towards them.


Did you catch the players name by chance?

Can always enquire


Red don’t play the idk game you use to bash certain members you are with now forever for cheating you just got tired going against them


Okay so this is where I stuffed up, coz i didn’t have the time to dedicate for non stop farming of the screwdriver event, nor had the funding for any offers that were available

To answer your question, you can obtain enough gear to tier 4, 5x 6*


Sure, person hiding behind a fake name.


I heard scopley banned afew of the VKers but there are still many more in coosa (my region) but these spicific cheaters may not be using vk but a different way to get theses maxed toons perfect weapons and rep/trainers …not good