When another legancy JB?


So… Sophia is next promo…After her can we get legancy?We saw new leaks ONLY WITH P2P characters so i ask you a question.
WHEN we get another legancy? @JB.Scopely


I think rose is the next 1 I think I seen some1 post her and b4 Duane came out what they will look like


Keeps the 60-60 debuff to line of enemy’s could be real good


That’s a if of course


I mean I’m all for releasing as many legacies as possible but in scopleys defense they did just release Andrea and Duane almost back to back that was great let’s not push, baby steps baby steps


I agree lets finish off the last list finally


Oh wait I read that wrong haha


And then we can see the forums fill up with posts about how trash legacy characters are :man_facepalming: Great idea :+1::bulb:


its the 3rd or 4th post of this kind i have seen where you or someone else asks for “legancy” characters. maybe JB will answear you when you can write the word right


The problem I have and why I also don’t care about legacy ascension is because Carly is the only one on the list that people can get semi-easily. Sure some of us have a few from an older event reward or got super lucky with a prestige pull but I bet for 90% of us Carly is the only ascendable one.

So the bigger issue I have is why make 3/4 of the ascendable toons on the list that no one has or can realistically get from playing the game without a miracle from the rng gods when you know how long it takes you to release them or is that just the ascendable plan working as intended all along?


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