When and why does Survival road not say

In survival road it used to tell you that the enemy had revive. Now it does not, was this intentional?

The revive for that stage is via Glenn’s AR, not a weapon stat.

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Yeah but I could have sworn it had a icon in the start screen staying all possible things? Could be wrong, I’m still working on dropping levels. So I purposely lose and only lately did I notice the reviving

I think they only show it when they have the revive weapon stat (when killing an enemy, better chance to revive a teammate yada yada yada)

I have done these SR levels so much already that I know which toons revive and you can long click on the toon to find out what their AR and weapon does. It is simple. I also try to take a revive toon in every level I do.

Theres a fun thing with that. Statement hit a neagan with a revive on low health make sure you can kill him with the revive ar something cool can happen