When add Crit % Crit Damage?

Hey guys,

I have a lot crit mods, but don’t know which characters are good with crit % or crit damage ? :confused:

I have Louis and was told that Crit % is good on him, for his disarm, why? Ca someone explain little about it ?

if u hit a crit u get disarm which means that if they got a weapon with stun 30 def and huge ap that weapons effect will not apply

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Crit chances : good for disarm or gardian
Crit damage : good for heavy hitters with multi attack rush (Bryan, Louis, Sandy etc…)


You want crit mods on Louis because his disarm only works when you do a critical hit. By adding crit mods, you increase the chance of doing a critical hit.

Note: Adding crit mods does NOT mean it’s a % increase, meaning adding 30 to crit doesn’t mean a 30% increase. Also, adding crit is not the same as crit damage. You want plain old crit for Louis for his disarm skill to work.

Because Louis will disarm if he lands a critical hit. Higher crit chance is more disarming.

He’s also good with crit damage cuz his rush offers 2 attacks of 300% dmg each. Because the rush consists of 2 attacks, he’ll be able to crit during his rush aswell.

Ahh I see. Do you consider Red Jesus as heavy hitter who could have benefit of crit damage?

No his AR is just damage, not a multi attack rush

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