When a Scopely F2P walks into Walmart

Do they pick a bunch of stuff they want, walk up to the cashier, and tell them they want it for free, or they will go some place else? Personally I enjoy the fact that S Class are now being included in the wheel, and able to be pulled. I see a lot of complaints saying this increases the gap between f2p and p2w however this actually helps those who play for free. Now you can watch videos for coins, or do tapjoy offers, and actually have a chance at a completely free S Class toon. Sure you got to put in some effort for it watching videos, or completing offers, but that should just be common sense that business works that way.


Yeah, because you can compare Real Life Goods that you can eat, drink, use and most importandly touch with a few pixels on a screen.

I’ll never understand what people like you think they would get for making Topics like this. It"s No Secret that the gap widens, though that’s not the fault of S-Class. Overpowered Promos are a common thing in this Game since a long time. The Main Problem is that F2P has barely any place to get S-Class Shards. Without paying, the only real place F2P get Shards is the Roadmap with 30 a Day and maybe 130 every Two Weeks, that’s it. Events aren’t a relieable source and the Collections are purely P2P.

Another thing are Legacy Ascendable, with the last one being released October and Zero News on more, but I don’t even want get started here, because otherwise this Reply will take Ages.


I think the moaning is due to the fact Scopely blatantly lied to the player base again🤗


If you are so happy with that why are you not spending real cash on this game? Its even more chances to get S class toon and you know… business works THAT way. Lol

I really encourage everyone who thinks that the game is in a good state, loves all the recent Scopely moves, have a bug free and technically stable experience to show SCOPELY their appreciation and start SPENDING.

Keep surviving!


Not sure how adding s class means you can watch videos and get s class. By that logic you could have watched videos and picked up shards to get the s class.






Looooool what a derp comparison and logic :grimacing:


I’m not sure why f2p think they should be able to compete with big spending players. That is why big spenders spend. To get an advantage. The game is unapologetically capitalist this way.

My life is so much easier because I don’t try. I just compete against other f2p. I’m deliberately keeping my roster low power until the gap widens a bit more.

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And thats the problem. P2p should get an advantage. But now with S toon in the wheel, even some ‘lucky’ f2p will pull the S toon. So now there will be a new different gap

Yes you have 0.2% of chance ahaha


Obvious troll is obvious.

and when theres no F2P left because they all have given up as they are now so far behind on getting an S Class and all that is left is whale v whale, then you will see why people have an issue with being able to pull S class directly from the wheel

Shit we werent even supposed tobe able to pull the 5 or 6* versions from the wheel to begin with, it was supposed to be just the collectables that could be pulled.

I dont even have a bucket so all i have for my pulls are a few mercer cards, then i see people shwoing screen shots of pulling S Class mercer on a 10 pull or a single pull and it just makes me think wtf carry on playing.

At this rate in a few weeks wars will just be 2 or 3 facs v each other all full of whales where each battle will cost over 1k coins. You can keep that “fun”. Just wait and see how many people quite after this shitfest of a WoC


Какой же ты наивный болван😑

Tapjoy’s offers r ONLY available on Android… IOS users r f*****


I’m sure Scopely are expecting this and thats why they keep dragging the bloody thing out, gotta milk every last penny from all those about to depot and say goodbye :confused:

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yeah so IoS players are more screwed by it than android. Since mercer was available on the wheel my motivation for playing has nose dived considerably. That and the fact we dont get a reply to any kind of question now. DZ needs to just change his name in his room to “Taken to the Team”

And since the armory is now a P2P aspect of the game as well, that has also killed off a lot of my will to play smh

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Eh, debatable. Sure some lucky f2p will be able to get one S class toon, but the rate that spenders will get them now is much faster. With S class and the 1,000 card drop being in there, mild spenders are now back to being able to pull the new premiers as opposed to maybe pulling for half the S class in the past and waiting for the cards.


What lie are you referring to?

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Pick any of several lol but in this instance probably the “sclass will not be available from the wheel” - same lie they told at the beginning a 6* when “ascension is a path all must follow” or until we realise profits are shrinking anyway :rofl: