Wheel updates anytime soon?

Seems like forever since prestige, 5* token, elite character tokens have been updated. Has anyone heard of any plans to make these somewhat relevant to players who have played the game for any decent amount of time. They are fine for new players but for anyone else they may as well be 4* tokens.


It’s been asked several times but they don’t answer.


Thats what I figured.

They need to update a good bit of things


They’ve neglected many things for so long it seems as if they just aren’t going to bother.

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I doubt they will be, and even if so… they’ll probably just put all the 5 star ascendables in there and in the prestige wheels, without the S Classable toons

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They arent bothered to update things frequently since it dont make them money

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Oh God/any I hope not😔

Can we add levels up to 250 to the wish list too please :pray:

4* weapons needs updating to 5* and 5* toon tokens need to have s class cards or something. No point opening either currently.


One thing I’d like to see, is scrapping 4 star weapons into armory tokens

Dont think they will release a “5 star weapon” token anytime soon.


@Parker have you heard anything on this topic? I don’t recall seeing it any of your weekly rundown. TIA

We didn’t mention it last week no. Wheels and depots are certainly on the radar though

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Thanks for the speedy response

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No update will make any difference pvp wise.

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We need a complete revamp of these wheels depot and scavs, what worries me I saw the last update as a downgrade and it must be a year since the last one😔

In terms of Depot, today’s refresh has made an appearance of the green Ezekiel - one of 3 toons I’ve been missing to complete 4 museum collections (he appears in two of them).

Leader among men cleared, now I only need the green Marcus to complete Kingdom come… And Blue (now ascendable “Hawk eye”) Andrea for the last two.

Silly, I know, but that’s about the only thing the depot is good for nowadays and well, since over a year now…

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