Wheel update soon?

I saw a post few days ago that mentions wheel update, is it happening anytime soon?

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End of March. Nuff said.

I love the excitement and anticipation of a wheel update. Likely to be full of generation 1 trash, but it’ll be shiny new and different trash, so I guess that is exciting…


End of March possibly with update

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No just milking the cashcow

if Green rick is in it im out…im getting 5 dupes of everyone lately

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March 2019 or March 2021

Soon is a realative term however if I needed CPR I hope I won’t be working on Scopely time :slight_smile:

in march 2050


What does it matter? There’s no gear to upgrade new toons obtained by a wheel update.

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2050 ? gross i’ll be like 52 almost 53.

Whenever it is, it will be broken after an upgrade and walkers will be in the servers again.

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