Wheel update due?

It seems Scopley wants to keep giving out 5* tokens/ Elite tokens etc as rewards. If this is going to continue. Can we get or aren’t we due an update of the wheels? Preferably with some toons that might just about still have some use to some players.
Completely stop this reward structure and create some new wheels that are more relevant to the game atm, for example, collectable items or a wheel with the toons for the collections.


The game is at an all time low right now haha


You know the answer, if you see these characters in a wheel you know cake collections are done.

I was thinking back the other day to when players used to farm 4* weapons from world stages and post them in line chats etc. Would create a buzz and at least add some excitement in the game.
Wouldn’t it be impossible for them to actually put 5* weapons into drops from world stages now? Be it an extremely low percentage rate or whatever.
But that at least keep the game up to date and relevant and slightly enjoyable.
But no just create a stupid token system that takes ages to get enough to even make a 5* weapon.
Game is extremely dull atm. Events. Rewards. Game play. Boring.

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Agree even premiere pulls arent exciting anymore. Pulling promo used to get people excited now it is now I have to do 100 pull to get the second. Then I have to get 5k + more cards and 500k more league points for gear plus some coins to refresh.


Getting a 5* weapon would seem to be worse than getting a 4* wespon, doesn’t it? You lose almost all benefits of 5* weapons if they come as 5* already.


True. So makes u wonder why this idea is so impossible to do

I was just about to ask why you would want them to hand out worse rewards in world stages.

But I think I answered my own question. If anyone else is wondering: we won’t be running out of 4* weapons any time soon, with all the 4* and elite weapon tokens they hand out, and if they were farmable it would be a source of 5* materials through disassembling.

If you also remember when people posted pics of getting tape and polishing kits from disassembling 4* weapons back in the day because they were so hard to come by.
Now varnish and grease are another item to add to the measly 3 slots in rewards. Smh.

If they replace pk/dt in rewards with varnish/grease, I’d be alright with it.

Reward slots are irrelevant though - if they want to hand out more rewards than they have slots, they just put things in bags/boxes.

I would rather they added 5* weapons to drops from world stages so i can break them down for the parts. And not to have them as rewards.
Trainers. Collection items and more relevant tokens would make for better rewards.
But each to their own.

It’s not so much about what I want, but about what we can realistically expect. If they wanted to hand out vastly better and more stuff, they already would, there’s nothing stopping them.

(personally, trainers except Lilith are mostly a waste; they just mean I won’t be able to collect the rewards for a while because I already have more trainers in my roster than I can profitably use most times. But people seem to want them so whatever)

I remember that excitement :smirk: I don’t even check what drops when I do a world stage now.

It would be nice to have something to be excited about in this game again. Not necessarily related to world drops, just in general.


It would. Just sadly we all know it won’t improve not even slightly. :-1:


Truth. Even the most active players in my faction like me who logged in all day every day have started to find other games. It feels like such an accomplishment to finally get an s class you grinded for but then realised you need 8000 and 2 maxed fodder for the next is looking like a month away at least. Onw character a month you struggle to max with gear shortage isnt gonna keep anyone playing

  • I think the rewards of the game are weak, because it takes a long time to get something done.
  • Elite tokens for those who are low level are very important as they help in team building.
  • The bronze and silver radio routes need to improve the rewards, because spending 12 energy for 1 item is a waste of time and energy, but for those who are still forming the teams, evolving the characters, these routes are needed, they could put These 3 and 4 energy silver and bronze radios routes giving 3 items each, plus a% better to drop more items in the drop of each horde.
  • They could create 5-star weapon tokens, but they should cheapen 4-star tokens.
  • The other rewards of daily missions could be better, for example I do not rob, unless I am forced to rob. I do not like the assault, facing teams with 3 revives and 1 shield, and fast healing is almost impossible to win, and I see no advantage to make the assault, because there is no reward.
  • As long as I don’t get out of class S recruit roulette and recruit debut collectables I won’t spend 1 coin, because the% of the 6 star or 5 star rising characters is too low not worth paying for the 40 pack.

The problem with the 5star weapons is that you lose the ability to upgrade them before making them 5stars. I’d prefer 4star weapons with best specials - abs def, ap boost or drain, stun etc. That would give you 3 basic stat upgrades/replacements before upgrading them to 5stars. And to sweeten the deal, add armory token drops.

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