Wheel update(15)

When do we expect an update for the wheels?


Winter 2019


Dammit, I have stuff to do in that period.


That’s why you don’t get the dedication bonuses.

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Someone had mentioned this would actually be happening soon for real, but I still haven’t seen anything to verify that. Is it just a cruel cruel rumor? I have 5* tokens taunting me and I’m admittedly weak to the call. A yes or no would be brilliant.

Not going to lie, that (15) you have in the title played some mind tricks on me as I kept clicking that tab thinking I had 15 new things to check out.

You got me good damn you!


seriously? lol

in the nex update maybe, end of month i suppose

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@Agrajag mentioned it in another thread. There’s to be an additional 40-50 updated 5* available across all the wheels, 40-50 4*, and some 3*. If I understand the post directly, the update for the wheels is ready to go around the time of the best game update.

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Keep on surviving :joy::joy::joy:


Any word on wheel updates? Been a while now and the rewards are a bit dated.


1 of those those tagged don’t work here anymore, 1 has been MIA for over a year and may not even work here anymore and good luck getting a direct answer from the other.

But their promise thread included this:

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Ah ok thanks. Soon then I hope.

if u noticed scopley stop throwing 5* tokens in event from some events means wheels change is around the cnr