Wheel refresh coming before Governor promo


The leaked images of the Governor promo also show green command Jesus on the premier wheel, which is one of the additions of the wheel refresh.


Really could have used that command jesus last year


Well spotted. Makes sense that they refresh it during a promo change over


I hope they don’t! Don’t want to waste my solo level up 5* tokens reward on Vernon or Lee


Hopefully I can do my saved pulls before war :slight_smile: It will be a nice present.


Share them with us please


Yes, this


Two 10 pulls?


Close, I think I have 18 pulls saved because I never used them due to the fact that I have 95% of the characters in the wheel :confused: Have to log in later and check. Hoping for some brand new Shiva Force characters :slight_smile:


You’re gonna get some tokens off level up too…


I am currently in the rank 40-50 range in the tournament so it will be only be an additional 5,500 tokens :frowning:. I don’t think it is enough to push me to the next pull. #HoarderProblems


I’ll be 403 short of 3 pulls =\


I will do 11 pulls, I still hesitate to do it now, because I only want Yegan…


I think he is a bit overrated


Agree. Killing will always trump tanks. People got excited over him completely blocking 5s toons, not the same against 6s. His best feature is his taunt 2 round 2 active. Anything to keep rushes from popping before yours is helpful.


@MICK_DEAD_END They changed the wheel… gonna pull as you stated above, pal?


I bet he’s waiting for his tokens from the solo


Not yet, there is a bug with the wheel, I believe :frowning: !!!


Okay we’ll wait :slight_smile: Who’s the most wanted toon from the wheel exactly for you btw ?


Yeah you probably don’t want to get a bunch of the 3* michionne