Wheel Odds... Oddity

Found this entertaining. Wonder what secret Glenn 1-4 is.


At least they are being honest about the odds now


And FYI.

40 pull garantees Magna and impair defense gun.

125 genies per 10.


I wonder if i will get a Glenn in that 40 pull :thinking:

Scopely :joy:

They removed that pretty sharpish, unless it’s another troll…

Mine still says 9 more til 125. Wasn’t a troll. I’ll give it a bit and see if it updates.



Mine shows 125 for a 40 pull.

Did you just accidentally do 31 pulls?

It’s different depending on what region you are in. My main region it’s the normal 40 pulls for bonus items. Went to Troup and seen it’s only ten needed .

Well that f*cking fair isn’t it!

Ive got 5000 coins, would happily buy an extra 3,200 for a 40 pull to get Magna guaranteed. But I’d have to do 160 pulls to get her in my region.

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely how is this sh*t fair when suddenly every man and his dog in Troup has a Magna wit impair gun for 25% of the price the rest of us chumps have to put up with. And you wonder why people despise the actions of your employer…


LMAO. Wanna see how @JB.Scopely gets out of this.

Intentional? Players will still be pissed.
Glitch? Players still pissed.
Only for the dedicated? Oh wait…


Uh oh… I lit the world on fire again…


Start a main thread… got my popcorn ready!

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Would you happily buy an extra 5,200 to be able to transfer to the other region, pull and get Magna, and transfer back?

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They’ll claim it’s a glitch when Alice was on promo certain regions had higher odds. I messaged support about it and was told they would look into it, they eventually changed the odds back to 1%.


Main region

No, because this is the kind of sh*t that makes me feel sick everytime I put even a penny in their pocket.

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Not going to lie, i’m significantly less outraged over a 0.1% higher chance of a pull


Fair enough. I also think there’s a cooldown when transferring so you’d have to spend CRW in a foreign region

Just shows they have some fuckery going on with the promo wheels depending on regions.