Wheel duplicates question

I understand the wheel reset and people will now be getting dupes… but can you get dupes after the first dupe from the new wheel? For example, already had oberson, just pulled another oberson from wheel… can I now pull yet another oberson??? @CombatDevIl

@dash can you help us out with this one?

Oh wait…


Sure you can, everything’s possible with Scopely


Pretty sure the only place you can’t get dupes is stashes

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I would rather not get more dupes from my hard earned tokens. I almost quit before when it dropped THREE Caroline IN A ROW! :disappointed::weary::exploding_head: (For a total of four)

So, because of updating the useless museum collections we now get to throw away our tokens on “bennys” or useless pre-ascendance toons? Thanks!

Its an incredible fail guys, do you ever get it right? Its also a sure way to seriously devaluate the event rewards. Please make a proper update of the wheel, stick all the ascendables in there and make sure there is some sort of stash function behind it.

Oh who am i kidding, I´ll be around whining about this for another year most probably.:zzz:

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I believe the “reduced duplicates” only applies to multiple pulls at once, I don’t think it effects single pulls at all, so yes you could get a third duplicate Oberson

Actually since you already pulled 2 , the chances of getting a third one are pretty high,
So congrats,
It happens to me that I pulled 3 Jesus shiva force in one week