What's your opinion?

Mine… Scopely makes this game less and less interesting on purpose. At the same time, they crank up whale milking to bring in the cash while it lasts. I think their goal is to drive the player community down to a certain level, then they’ll just close it.

I dont believe they run it this badly on purpose. And to answer some, yes. I’ll help my friends with a faction assault, then likely uninstall.


I believe you are right on the money @craigt


Yea to milking whales. No to closing the game.

There are new regions that open all the time. Players will still stumble upon the game and get hooked because the gameplay is actually the best one on the market.

Although I’m sure it’s not the money maker it once was, I’m sure it still does quite well.


It does seem like they run badly on purpose because honestly who cares (to them) about the long time f2p? They’re not giving them any money and they can run it into the ground as much as they want because they know their loyal whales will keep spending no matter what but here’s the best part: they’re still getting new players all the time just by having TWD in their name so this game isn’t going anywhere anytime soon


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