What's your favorite/best profile pic characters?

Imo its all about who you want your pic in game to look like when in gc ,fc , and in event chat. So what are peoples fav even if u don’t have some of these characters. Some I can think of would be copper, Bruce, man titt axel, davie, Ellen, shiva, Sawyer, beta and alpha or those one star characters like john.

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As if there is anyone else.

Alpha. If the character information was not shown, Rick. The RTP design.

I’m using Aden lol

fa johns, wanderer, pichonne, 106 jesus, spencer, connor, tara. there are much more…i like the semi rare profile pics. fa johns just cause he looks cool af. people might not think 106 jesus is all that rare but he probably was one of the less desireable cards so the masses probably fused em away lol

Jesus, either the med drop one or the one that looks like a samurai. If not him I’d go with rise to power Rick or good old Axel.

Sadly he has the wrong colour and 1 star less

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Safety behind bars tyreese, tye, joe bob, Romanov, FA John, and blue Governor all have great profile images.

Moobs Axel

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Well, only one is aviable at the moment. So… :pensive:

I’m using Jeremiah. Doing my bit for Quaker Oats advertising in Marion

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