What's Your Fastest Raid?


What’s the fastest raid you’ve done against someone’s best defense?


Here’s mine from this past CRW. About 14 seconds. All towers, but the only one that applies only boosts HP.


I don’t know my Fastest raid but I have a video of myself attacking 8 camps in under 2 minutes sadly I can’t post videos here :slightly_frowning_face: and they were all maxed 6* teams


I’ve seen his vid and can back it up.


That’s awesome! Best way to score in war is to keep the fights fast.

You had a few seconds to check chat and towers while you waited for the first guy’s timer to finish then, right?


If I remember correctly I missed the first few seconds trying to turn on the camera so missed towers lol


Eugene underrated, just like Carson


I saw one this morning. 7 seconds. Fkn ridiculous.

Dwight lead, dual Konrad, blue Alpha + Ajax. Splash damage, turn 2.


Turn 3. Not sure only time limit, but it was fast. That was this weekend.


I can occasionally double tap splash damage a red defense first shot with dual shottie Konrad on a Dwight lead. It makes me way too happy when it works.

Edit: fixed a typo


I want to try a Konrad team. I only have the one though. No one else to add to that high damage splash


when my 5 star sandy uses her ar it wipes the enemy team out usually


What team?

I forgot to share mine. Rick lead, all yellows, all 8% weapons. Key toon is Eugene, who doesn’t need a huge boost weapon to rush round 2, and whose rush makes Sandy able to rush

Icing on the cake is the defense down from his rush means Sandy is very likely to waste not 2 suckers with her rush


Wow… That’s a blast from the past…


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