What's wrong with Halloween Event?


Сорри за гифку

This just proves they don’t play their own game


E v e r y t h i n g. I wonder WHO WAS THE IDIOT who came up with the stupid idea of putting trainers in the wheel. Like… WHY?!


Plural is sadly factually incorrect


The wheel is definitely more trick than treat. Single 2* trainer, single digit items, pretty sad to be honest.


Imposible to do . Deff a Boss and it doesnt count? The wheel is #### … players working hard for a 3* trainer ?
Worst event i played ( i only did 1 map lost intrest) and i am here over 3 years in the game.
Players are looking forwards to special events and than we got this.
Next time better?


Burts as rewards :joy:
And Brady… ugh.
Majority of players I’ve seen so far grind the missions to then grind the road maps to then get a Burt?!
Absolutely not, this is actually more of a non event.

Here is some perspective just few months ago you did event called Pathways that also gave trainers, Bennidicts, 15 in a crate. And you has chance at gold mods or 20k coin!!!

Here people are pulling one trainer, not even a Benny.

Also these event missions.

Ascend 5 toons

The confusion on the FA one.

40 helper token pulls, which is 320 tokens, 11 days left, realistically most days I think ppl earn 10-20

This event could have really been something if design more like the pathways event.
After my 2 Burt and Brady the last road map will probably remain closed.



Not a lot. Ignore the wheel, and it’s a ton better than the anniversary event. Plus, it doesn’t seem to take away from the regular milestones.

Lilith, gear, and medals are definitely welcome. Quantities are not high, but neither is the effort.

Two things wrong:

  • The wheel seems like it’s playing a joke on the players. I think the event would be better received if it wasn’t there at all.
  • The faction boss mission needs to be fixed.

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