What's up with this coin mission thing

You use 1500 coins and get 125 back and so on like wtf


It’s supposed to be bonuses for using a set amount of coins

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I get the collect coin ones but the others tho like really I never spend that amount of coins lol

It’s basically making the 200 pulls for 2 guo’s Only 30,000 coins instead of 40,000…

logical fallacy ??

The 100 doesn’t reset twice. I found that out the hard way with Aarav :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Somebody figure out the coin glitch and let me know hahahhha


I don’t know but its only up for 2 days so I ain’t worrying with it. Thought there was supposed to be a museum thing for the extra horde cans we had. Not this. I’m not wasting my coins over it. Not worth it. Guo is a pay to play character. You can buy him. Idk why they didn’t just put him in the store for 1999.00 simpler and less time consuming. Stop wasting our time with stupid events and give us something meaningful. These level up sucks too. I miss my bennies! And they’ve leveled us to death and hid them! Lol. Good grief. They take 5 steps forward and 80 back. Lol.


This drives me crazy it’s 1 step forward and 16 back, if you apply the lowest common denominator

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gasp :whale: :eye::eye: omg yesss :coins:

oooo good lookin out


It’s a stupid test. See how dumb people are


Scopely is smart as hell lol

There’s 2 set’s of coin’s missions.

Wait, you’re saying you can’t get 2 guaranteed for 200? Wish someone made an announcement about that. Thanks

Nope. I only figured it out after the 200th pull for Aarav cause I was counting and didn’t get him. Don’t ask how many it took to get the second lol

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just think of it as a bonus for spending, dont look at it for getting free coins or anything


It does disappear once you hit 100

Yup, its a discount for loyal customers.