What's up with the war matching

how do you determine what factions with face each other? My faction is rank 12. All we ever get paired up with are top 6. redo the program so that top tiers face each other, and same for middle and lowest tiers. Mix it up a little, but fighting first place 3-4 times in a row. Come on scopely

If they implement this, the waiting times would be ridiculous. This is the problem with aow, youll match the ones that are more active, which of course is top factions

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Struggling que is a problem for many factions having 5 to 7 on only for hours. Destroying the fun out of war and not enough warring makes it very very long for those that did fill.

8 out of 30 online 24 7 for a weekend is also very crazy actually. Either lower the amount that’s needed or raise the amount of players that can fit in a faction. Allow everyone to war not just the top factions that have all the super active players. Give the rest a chance too war and less search time that way for everyone

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Thats why whe need 2 regions in AOW.

Are people seriously complaining about matching in AOW? This is it, i’m done.

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War matching does suck… on the brighter side I haven’t had to spend money for cans.

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