What's up with the offers

There’s a 1 time shiva offer that’s in there twice and and offer to buy an “n” that isn’t in the bear hunt


Laziness, no pride in there product


:joy: and a cute offer for 21,99€ with 100 bullets + a gambling bag with the chance of 20, 50 and 500 bullets.

That these rng bags are still allowed (it‘s clearly gambling) is disgusting.


No quality control.
They want us to get sick at looking at these double Shiva offers and buy them to get them to go away :grin::joy::grin:
No sir, who really wants to buy a toon that was just in league store. The little extra stuff is not worth $9.99 imo.


Changes on the way soon in the Uk

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This is awesome. Literally doubles the chance of getting those pitiful amounts of coins and two lots of worthless outdated 6 star Shiva.

How can you afford not to buy it twice?

It also says 90% off which means it would normally cost $100.
What a load of bullocks

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They’ve already done this in Belgium with other mobile games which focus on selling loot boxes and etc. So, I am actually hopeful regarding these gambling nonsense.

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It’s definitely coming, on BBC1 news couple of days ago, good I say

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why is yours $12.99?

He is in Canada

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oh. makes sense

The Shiva offer obviously designed for new players started playing after Shiva was available season store.

Exactly! And she was in leagues not even that long ago.

My Shiva offer is 9.99

Lol yeah mine’s Canadian dollars usually about 30% more than usd

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