What's up with the leather man jacket?

I just noticed in gear there is an item called leatherman jacket.
It used to level up league exclusives.
Anybody have any information on where to find and who to use it on???

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There is also a baseball cap.

They are new and exciting piece of gear required to upgrade league store toons. :grin: what we all asked for, u know?!


Need the survivors club pass to do roadmaps to get that gear to use to upgrade leagues toons :smirk:

Srsly? 7char

He is sadly. :confused: it says so in game. I mean i could see them for SR SD but LS ? nah. My guess is they are for Shaun who is a green person and maybe a techy

100% for sure? No. But i mean come on, its scopely lol im expecting this tbh so if it does happen i cant be disappointed and if it doesn’t then great

Damn Russians

click on the item it will say so

There’s even a few threads on this and no one has actually gotten any answer from a scopley employee. However the description seems to describe exactly what it’s for

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Уважаемый игрок. Не соизволите ли Вы более конкретно описать причину Вашего недовольства. Многие в недоумении!

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