What's up with sean?

Why does Sean need this skill if he hits everyone? with crit at high tide there must be disarming.

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Maybe he was supposed to be disarm. Who knows?
But with everyone on here crying for one and the CMs feedback.
Scopley thought… I know, we won’t give one away for free, if the player base is so desperate for a disarm then they should buy one.
$copley logic :sunglasses:


It’s a fairly irrelevant and probably fairly useless buff. Doesn’t particularly make sense but guess it was thought he needed “something else” as part of the rush and he already does attack up as his AS so got dumped with crit

Assuming Waste Not can apply for each killed enemy, paired with a defense down character like Connor, Jeremiah, or Harper, excess damage of like 1-2k per dead character for 3 characters will be applied as true damage to a target adjacent to the dead one.

It can be a very devastating combo(based on Waste Not assumptions) but also very situational. If the enemies killed are right next to each other, it’s possible the adjacent damage is applied to each other(unconfirmed if this can happen). Against tank teams, this combo may not be effective and could give AP to the wrong character(but alternatively, most characters don’t work well against a tank team to begin with, so it should be considered if this character is chosen simply to help deal with tank teams, or general offense.)


To make it work, Alice needs leaders and Dale. But still we do not know how it will work. We will wait for the discoverers))

Not necessarily. Shawn has extremely high base attack to begin with, so an attack lead might not be necessary. Even so, there is another F2P melee lead, Green Abe, that could make him work if needed.

As with Alice, there are also substitutes that could be used without breaking the bank.

I have a green Negan and alpha. can work?

Hard to say until we know how Waste Not works with AoEs. Alpha might be redundant considering there’s a good chance Shawn might already kill them, making her Decapitate less useful.

Isn’t he going to be good for the big zombie herds? He can kill 9 and could kill zombies next to those 9 too? So great when all the zombies are pushing at you in survival road later stages.

Do not need Alice or Dale. Abe and Victor will work. Let me stop u before u say 85 is too slow. It can on occasion pop in round 2 and every time in round 3 with proper set up

any excess damage is dealt to ONE adjecent target. if it will be otherwise it will be a bug and it will get nerfed.

Before using the AOE to kill a group of enemies, apply a 100% heal reduction from :strong: Garrett or :fast: Joshua to make sure that those killed dont accidently get revived by an enemy who was able to tank the massive hit. Most likely the high damage will charge the revivers AR to full.

Waste not activates when one character gets killed and its hp was lower than the dmg it took, then deals it to one enemy next to the killed toon as straight dmg ignoring Def buffs. It’s a great skill that I’m completely baffled by why it will be on a toon that does splash dmg? You’ll have to buff the heck out of him in order to activate waste not on the ar. The Crit is there so waste not activates even with a normal ATK kill. Let’s say Maggie is down to 200 hp and Shawn crits 600 dmg on her, the guy next to her will get 400 of the dmg.

All in all this toon will be a hit or miss like Bryan. Cause without right weapon and mods he’ll turn into something he’s not meant to be and end up ruining your teams synergy.

Could be interesting to see how it’s going to work with him. If he hits 2 yellows that have very low health he could deal massive damage to other toons

With the crit in his ar i would rather he be collateral 2 and have that crit last for like 3 or 4 turns, no, you are NOT getting disarm for free ffs! It is the one skill that can shutdown weapons. It is the best skill besides decap, we have f2p decaps, they could put alpha or ty in but never going to get a disarm, you all fell for some troll posts. A f2p skill would be col 2 and with his high attack would be really nice

Yeah the crit bonus isn’t worth a whole lot for raids. Might be useful elsewhere

If all he had was the 425 area damage with high attack I’d still get him

I have a feeling he will be bugged at first.


Very possible

There are going to be a lot of problems for those who try to run Shawn instead of Alpha… with Shawn, you basically need to win in three turns. Once the chain revive loop hits and the bonus hp comes, idc how hard he hits.

So here in lies the problem, one little wrong thing will because lose you the match. If lydia gets commanded turn two, if Shawn gets stunned, if they have a guardian, if your disarmer doesn’t work and Shawn gets stunned or impaired.

If any of these scenarios happen, your most likely not going to be able to recover, where as with alpha you can work one or two down and try to decap them. I will be getting him, but in the end, I suspect I will stay with alpha.