What's the worst trait in your opinion?

  • Fast (yellow)
  • Tough (blue)
  • Strong (green)
  • Alert (red)

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I know this will vary for everyone cause this is an rng game so you may not know how to use some traits as well as others.

Worst trait would have to be reds (talking defence-wise). All traits have good and bad qualities but with all these good blues around it’s a bit harder to set up a decent defence with reds (though I do have a half red half blue defence).


I don’t think there is exactly a ‘worst’. Each is useful against another.


I disagree. I would say green because unlike reds who have stun on defense the best greens can do is ap down or stun on attack. The first is a nuisance but the 2nd is a really easy way to build up ap. There are also some really nice f2p reds too from back before they stopped trying to keep things even like The Gov, Lori, and Wandy pre-nerf. Quite a few people around here also picked up decap Sandy this weekend from that terrible wheel so look out greens.

Yellow is the strongest right now for sure for both offense and defense. There are some really great attacking toons and we all know the game cheats on def so that ab def procs for days.


Every yellow premiere since Aris has been OP.

So much so that Aris seems shitty to some nowadays.

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All are bad with these op attack toons

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I disagree with the yellow part. They have some good characters but I have never run into any problems with yellows.

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My red impair team with blue shield magna just destroys green teams which a lot of f2p players have so i voted green.

But it really seems that i can destroy any color team easy if it is all the same color. Those mixed color teams pose a challenge though.


Generally red.

I’ll say blue due to weapons. Impair on defense can be removed easily due to how abundant yellow zekes are, while on the offensive arguably the best special slot traits would be double attack and 20% ap to self. Double attack has been getting weaker anyways due to abundance of stun and impair weapons nowadays.


I said red just because of the large number of heavy hitting blues available

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Although, for me, red will sweep through walkers with the right combination. Amy color can, but red has many more toons that can improve crit, and I find the default crit weapons for red are the easiest to find.

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