Whats the worst toon you ever got


Mine was gator he was so bad


Alert Lee. In the time cooper was a toon. 41 pulls. Still wont forget that dumb day.




The machione what we deserve
Which was compensation for a screw up a year or so ago




I’d say Oberson, but I got him when 5* were quite rare on a random elite pull and he was my main healer for ages. Red Lee probably pips him.




Vernon or Gregory hard to choose xD


Worst toon was “The Calm Before” prison michonne. If she wouldof been 45ap then she would of been great, with 800% atk to one enemy and life steal on kill. But no they gave here 75ap which took forever. Plus this is the only time I would boost life steal.


Sorry if you were asked this, did you update? I got content 2 an hour ago and an update fixed it.


Last update was forced 16 hours ago. Been locked out since.


sorry, Mine must not have taken or something. Hope you are able to get it resolved soon.


Vernon has been my worst one and no matter what I always get him. he is the worst character in telltale as well just behind Arvo.


Mines probably kenny!

3 ten pulls and 7 singles for hunter and poof our comes kenny


I present my absolute hate toon named him Big Rat


Erika :thinking:


Does have a Peter Pettigrew look about him :rat:


Almost. But Peter was defenitly more Pretty :grin:


I started in early February 2016. 5 months later, after 100s of pulls where I didn’t get a single 5*, there was a ‘guaranteed 5*’ crate with fast Sandy, two other toons, and Caroline. I paid the ~$130 to pull and of course got Caroline.


I’d have to go with all 10 of the 4* I just got from a 10 pull. Screw you scopes!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: