Whats the purpose of having hp/def buffs when they don't work?

Even if your weapon or toon has hp/def mods, they can still be taken out in one turn. I noticed when my toon who has over 2000 def got slayed in one hit. Its ridiculous. I don’t think having hp/def matters because toon will get killed in one hit. Smh…

For me it’s always been about control. Making sure the enemies ar’s do not go off and ensuring that yours do.

This was so much easier to do before mods. Mods suck.

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Do you have any recommendations for mods to put on princess? I put all def mods on her, and 35 def for weapon and huge ar attack

Defense will only get you so far. 3000 defense will lower the amount of damage taken but HP is what makes it so you can take more hits

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So I should put all hp then.

Are you gonna use her for attacking or defending?

On an attack team, myself, I like to run hp sets with attack and defense on my attack team and defense sets with hp on my defense teams

Either a Def or Hp full set. Then a def and hp mod for top left and center. The bottom right needs to be stun resist. The top right should be def vs red (or att vs yellow if you don’t plan on her having double duty and just want to use her on an attack team) and that just leaves the bottom left and for that, I’m thinking of either graze, bleed, or ap drain. I’m open to suggestions too.

You want to be able to taunt as much as possible so I did things similar to the weapon. Huge ap on an attack. I also kept the bleed because as much as ap down would be nice but I’m in no mood to play with Earl. And I am going for 40% def. :crossed_fingers:

I feel that people neglect hp in favor of def. The way I look at is if you’re using a toon that gives bonus hp then the higher your base hp the more bonus hp you get added.

I do try to even them out as much as possible though. All hp or all def while leaving the other one low is a recipe for disaster too.

I think pretty much anyone who taunts (except maybe Romanov) should have ap when damaged.


Not if he is behind a shield. Keep that taunt focused on taking the shield while all the other attackers have huge ap bonuses.

Say hello to time out

Sure, but assuming the shield is stunned/confused/taunted, or the attacker is using focus, it can make sense. They should also still have ap when attacking.

Edit: (they are still usable when attacking as well :wink:)

Mods my good friend mods and def with hp. Surprisingly I have seen less then 50% resist mods proc more then above 50%


No chance! 30% mods procing 4-5 times in a row is phone-throw inducing!!!

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