What's the point?

5* characters are meaningless now, except as ascension materials or ascension fodder. Despite multiple 40 pulls over the last few months since 6* became available, I’ve failed to pull any new ascension characters from premier recruits or 5* tokens. I have enough fodder and tokens to ascend two more characters, and I have six of the “future ascendables” (Gov x2, Connor x2, Glenn, Eugene). I’ve worked for and earned all three of the “free” ascendables (Ezekiel, Dwight, Wyatt).

I have a third Tyreese I could ascend or a Shane, but neither of them will make any meaningful difference – and even if I did, I still lack the rush trainers to make them effective. None of my existing 6* have maxed rushes or active skills. Liliths don’t drop for me much on the world map, and I’m not pulling Aden from elite item tokens or war crates.

I got a platinum earring for Tara, which means I SHOULD be able to claim her somewhere in 2019.

So the game is grind for trainers, grind for gear, grind for assault tickets. I actually like the change to 6* characters but there’s so little variation in competitive rosters right now, the game is stale – and largely dependent on luck. I’ve gotten plenty of 5* character “rewards” over the last few months but none of them have done any good. Every day I ask myself why I keep playing.


You’re addicted, probably.


I stopped actual playing (went to casual) around time 6s came out and haven’t missed a thing at all. I grind out when there is something interesting but that’s it. And if you take a look at game master actions daily, you can see that scopely doesn’t care, forcing a slow down for no reason and is totally autistic. Now in promo we will get a healer, which no one will buy, but is a NEW 6 which got there while old 5*s are still rotting. Also new survival road prizes, I mean lol, first spot is 125 Legendary tokens (half of one toon ascensions), no ascension tokens, and teaspoon of gear, it will hit new records def.


I think that is the case for some of us, I count myself to this group.

I’m just lucky I’m not addicted to the spending part of the game.

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