What's the point? YL map crash

So I had 48 minutes left on the clock to finish the YL Epic map, started the second stage of act 3 and it bombed out, and the map is now locked.

What is the point? Really, why do any of us continue to play the game when we can’t even rely on the big event maps to actually, you know, work?

Will I be compensated for being thrown out of the event? No

Will it even be acknowledged? Unlikely.

So what is the actual point of this game now?

You only open the map for 15 minutes at a time

What @Perrasinclass said. It’s not easy to smash through in one go. That’s why i’ve recommended to people to run it with 80 yellow leaves in hand

It crashed after 3 minutes and the clock had 45 minutes left.

This is very misleading. Honestly, fuck this game.

It clearly says it only opens for 15 minutes. Shitty I know, but for once it is working as intended

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