What's the point of taking crits? (territory)


Crit successes are unicorns you keep looking for, so take’em sent the weapon and forget about it, if it crits and you get the desired crit, get yourself a Powerball ticket :joy::rofl:, if it fails just try again, BTW there was a bug about 2 months ago to get crits about % 80 of the times, at the moment of claiming your weapon after the timer run out, all you had to do was moving your weaponery to another spot on your town and voila you’ll get a crit usually the good one, it should be a bug programed from an rts coder since anyone could use it, I don’t know how long it run, (it got patch already) I’m sure other forum members knew about it :joy:, I was told by someone and I got the chance to get two specials from it (after over 2 years of playing I got my first perfect weapon from it :rofl:) , and no I don’t feel bad or care if it was against tos or whatnot, since anyone could do it, and you wouldn’t need to modified game data on any way, the only responsable for this kind of thing is the developer by releasing bugged content


This is correct. The myth about better taking the crit places and not using dt is an incorrect rumor from people who are not aware of how it works.


Reporting back as promised…

Both hit critical success, however my pistol got attack down.

The prize is this guy though.


Let’s be honest here, we all know an incredible amount more about the game than you do.


Ive been playing since the game came out and i got a great roster with mods, im f2p but i do spend on occasions, but i have not gotten a stun,impair, or absolute def once so the odds are rigged for sure, just saying :man_shrugging:


Keep trying


Most of mine get crit success, but within that crit success there are like 4 possible outcomes and the desired one is probably 10% odds at best. That’s the rub. Gotta keep crafting em and they show up.


Just to clear the picture, there are only 3 critical success options per weapon per category.
Using a yellow weapon below, the possible outcomes for defender 3 are below

A universal one ex: bonus 35% defense when over 60% HP
A melee/ranged one ex reflect damage
And then the trait specific: Absolute defense


I have successfully had a weapon hit critical without tape and using a pk. I’ve heard the logic behind the not using tape. I use both on a normal basis though. I always have way more tapes then kits anyhow. Everyone seems to have some specific way they do crafting. I’ve failed and succeeded in having terrs, not having terrs, and having all 4 weapon terrs. It’s all rng and luck. There’s no 100% success.
I believe before terrs were introduced pks and dts were extremely hard to get. So you didn’t see many with specials. Once they became easier to obtain you started seeing stun guns, swords everywhere. It took me 50+ tries for my first absolute defense and over 50 for my first success I actually wanted. It wasn’t until I had an abundance of parts needed that I got them on a more regular basis.


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