What's the point of taking crits? (territory)


I craft only with crit bonuses, but I’m getting really fed up with this bs…
So, without the crit bonus we have 50% chance to get a crit upgrade and +30% with the bonuses.
I’m not a mathematician genius, but I have a feeling when we add the two numbers together we will get 80%.
(please let me know if my calculation is wrong…)
So, my question is… How on earth do we get most of the crafts with failed results? (no crits)
(I’m sure it wasn’t this bad in the past)


if you wamt perfect weapons only take the 2 crit territories and not the other 2 aswell that way if it fails it won’t affect the weapon and you can keep 're trying until you get crit success though it may take some time


Tbh, I only focus on the crits. Some people take the others, because of the polishing kits, I guess
Edit: but I will keep your advice in my mind


i just use the 2 crit territories as I would rather it fail 50 times then get success. it’s frustrating though


I am by no means good at math whatsoever, but I feel like it’s an extra 30% to the 50, not 50+30%


It was worse before. When the armory first came out I dont think the crit and crafting bonuses were even applied when u had them lol.


This is correct.


You can still get non-crit successes when you take only the crit territories.


Unless it’s been changed. That’s not how it works. You MUST have a regular success in order for a critical success to run it’s chance. You can’t get a critical result otherwise. A critical is essentially a “double success”. So your strategy is screwing yourself over.

Failing is as it the worst result. Normal success failed and therefore the chance to get a critical never ran it’s course in that scenario, mats wasted.


Tracked it down.

But again going under the assumption it has not changed.


It is still advisable to use a dt when crafting a special to ensure a successful craft. I’m not convinced that having crit bonuses and or using a pk helps because I know that during the armory glitch it was shown that some weapons would give u better results with or without using a pk




Point is it’s possible that the level of crit success for any given weapon is predetermined


I do not believe we’ve pushed any changes to the game regarding Critical chances bonus, so I would strongly assume Dash’s comment still remains accurate on this front.


i been on a like 10 craft failure streak with crit bonus

Spray paint only sometimes is a huge fail fest.

Still worth taking just to feel the little mental affect it has ahaha


Keep trying my dude, it’s worth it in the end.


no areas give you crits two inpairs back to back.


Yeah, not much I can do about it tho.
It’s just said I always craft with bonuses and 90% of the time, i get screwed :confused:


Well i never use terrys to craft anymore…duct tape, polishing kits…it still pays out and at a similar rate to using terrys…

Ive had 2 double success back to back without crit terrys…and with the monthly subscription…who cares about parts…its literally raining weapons here…leveling up for more duct tapes or buy in league store.

Anybody else trying and succeeding without…or should i have kept it secret…lol


I want to feed Earl to the walkers. Scopely make it happend.