What's the point of lilly?

I just took the leader Lilly. tested adrenaline. why does the enemy just die without a mark? meaning of the label? so as not to kill the enemy and then he was finished off by another character?

yes its possible.

It’s because crosshairs is applied after the damage so if you want them decaped use arrav princess or any other toon and that toon should be decaped once taken out.

Crosshairs is applied after maim, instead of before maim, so use her heal reduction active if you want a toon “decapped” for a few turns

i used her to oneshot a trader and peter anderson

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Trader can resist maim, so not a viable strategy to rely on


May a 6 Star Version but not the S Class. Lilly hits with 5k Maim. That’s not enough to kill S Pete or S Trader due there high HP and Def there is no one shot with her for them. That’s ridicoules just…

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No HP boost on weappn, mods or leader can keep the toon HP below 5k, actually. But it would be a surprising sight, really.

I actually like her since I didnt have a yellow blue lead

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