What's the point of beta

Clearly it isnt being used as intended. I want to say we’ve had at least 4 different crashes and bugs related to arenas since it came out. How was this not found and reported in the beta regions? Do you guys even take the feedback seriously from us

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The point is the make the beta bugs live in the real game so we get pissed off and quit


The only time I ever seen them take action from beta players was when beta players got a few coins and other players complained. That time they reset beta player accounts back 24hrs losing all progress on regular accounts.
Never before or after that has any bug been changed before going live.

There was a bug in leagues where some attacks were millions of points.

free coins thats all

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Where do you think they test the bugs. It’s thanks to Beta we get the quality & consistency of the bugs they roll out so efficiently.

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There were bugs in beta that were fix, but beta isn’t the same as rolling it out to the entire game. They tweaked it during roll out and it was bugged and crashed… I missed 2 rounds it’s unfortunate but happens

remember making 500+ coins from just doing level ups on all 5 regions and war and sr

Lol I made quite a bit from all 5 with the arena trial

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E volvement
T ry-out
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