Whats the point of Beta if you guys don't listen to feedback?

Pretty sure this issue was reported when the update first hit Beta…


Beta test - designed to find and fix issues and bugs before the software/game is released to the general public. You’re supposed to fix the bugs before release Scopely!

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IMO, it seems like a low priority bug. It’s not excuse that they shouldn’t have it fixed, but would you guys rather have the update be delayed a few more days just for that fix?

No better then Mickysoft, release a broken product, plan to fix in future update.
Is war still broken, other issues fixed? Because the Avatar conception is obviously way better then fixing what is broken as usual

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Yes. It shows they only give a crap when it impacts profits. Everything else they can give two poops about.


What they wont fix:
Territories crashes that costs you health and an attack. Nope
Get stuck on fa screen and have to leave faction. Nope
Stupid cheaters. Nope
Coin loaders. Nope
Crap bought from VK. Nope
Admin in chat. Nope
Harassment in game. Nope
Outdated things like the scav camp. Nope
Broken chain of supply for everything. Nope

What they will fix:
Tower ghosting because it nets free cans. Check
Critical hits so we buy kits. Check.

Way to go Scopely. Keep it up!



Would you rather they hold off releasing the update to everybody, slowing down the progress of everything just to prevent this silly visual bug?

Yes, they had six days to fix it. How hard can it be?

Bet your behind if the game was giving out free pulls from the premiere wheel that would get fixed right quick.

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Entirely not the point Jeff