Whats the point of a region blitz

Monday and a region war Friday???
Please Scopely cancel this or keep it inside region!

People wanted Blitz War so they did it. Also I think they want to check out how many people will still pump some money into this. Could be wrong of course. :joy:

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I want a blitz in my region, not a cross blitz!

What’s the point of your existence?

Blitz r Inside ur region, it’s a cool stuff for more collectibles + u get 20 basil’s for #1 what more could u want?

U r late my friend, they’ve changed to “cross region blitz”

It’s a cross region war now. There are a lot of factions who have gone from potentially getting top rewards to getting crap.

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Holly shit, but why? Obviously don’t want us to get any rewards

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They haven’t given us a reason. Because it’s Scopely and they like to screw us over with no explanation.

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My faction won last cross region
But we don’t want two Wars outside the region in the same week!
Is not about only the prizes, It is about the entertainment

But alteast they should have changed the rewards!! 1 choice box for top ten placement and 2 basils is such a decent one

Ikr. Can apparently change the whole format but just not the rewards.

U need to spend more coins to win cross region war sooo that’s the point.

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