What's the point in support if they don't help?!

So I got a new phone and as you can probably already guess. New device means game needs transferring over. Iv spent the past 24 hours messaging support to get it done and not 1 single reply off them…not even a automated one! So then I tried sending @kalishane a message for help on the matter and what happened? Yea that’s right ignored once again!
So if anyone has any suggestions how I can get my game back please share


It could take Kalishane and support a few days to get back to you sometimes from my own experiences, I waited a week one time on a response from support, Kali is your best bet I’d say , she messaged me back quicker than they do. Sorry for your trouble, hope you get it sorted.

Its much simpler to connect it to facebook

Support is not there to help you. They just are there to lower your expectations and to say they are aware and working on it. Keep surviving

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Iv transferred device before and it only took couple hours it’s frustrating not even getting a automated response. Hopefully I’m not waiting a week :confused: there goes my 650+ log in streak

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Could of used bluestacks on PC and kept the streak alive


You can say that again, I play a good few games and I have never come across such incompetence and ignorance in my life, as we say here in Ireland they are as useless as tits on a bull.

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That is an awful streak to lose, I thought I was bad losing a 300 days streak when I couldn’t get in to the game for a month.

Ok, the way scopely manage device transfers is awful & archaic, therefore I can’t defend them, but this happened to you before so you knew there was an issue & you still didn’t connect it to a facebook account. Why?

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It’s kind of bollocks to have to link your account to facebook. People who dont have it, actually have to make a facebook account. I think it’s a form of discrimination.

I myself had facebook and linked it, but now i deleted facebook so i wouldnt have a way to resolve it anymore either.

The only reason scopely wants it is because of personal benefits. They can force themself upon your page and put adds on your friends pages etc. Also they get some more info about you. There’s nothing wrong with making an account based on your emailadres and its saver too. You just have to remember your log in details. If someday facebook implodes, no ones accounts are linked. And yes facebook is rapidly losing ground

Because when I first got my account 3 years ago I did link it to my facebook. However when I went from using a iPhone to a android something fucked it up. So no when I try restore from the facebook link it puts me in chambers at level 2 with a prestige of 5 instead of my actual game and prestige of 12

I agree with all of that (except the discrimination part)

Seems like @Kayla has a pretty sound reason for not linking that account anyway, but I just don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t set up facebook account with a fake email & then save that with the password, don’t actually have to use facebook, just be able to log into it.

I know in the olden days if you deleted a facebook account all you had to do was enter your email & password & it would reactivate it. Don’t know if that still works.

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