What's the next major aspect of the game that needs an overhaul?

Now that we’ve had some recent overhauls of long existing modes/features, what is next on the docket?

Did Scopely ever promise to revisit Scavenger missions? 7 Days for a 3 star trainer is laughable when they give out 2 and 3 star trainers every day from daily missions. 50% of the missions just reward wood when I can max out my wood supply 10x over just playing hoardes and SR tournaments.

Territories has been buggy as hell for as long as I can remember.

What else?

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I’m pretty Sure they did and say that to in the past

Rewards and milestones





An actual farmable rm with 6s gear in it. Not a rng dependant


I would also like the scavenger missions fixed/updated, in addition to what’s mentioned by the 2 posts above. But i know that will NEVER happen. :frowning:

Resource handling. Roster, inbox, inventory, teams in particular.

All scrollbars need to be scrubbers. I’m scrolling for half a minute if I need to check the bottom of my inbox to see if something needs to be claimed because of the timer, and this is only going to get worse now that I’ve started watching videos again - at thirty per day, that is 900 (!) things to scroll through.

When I want to level up someone for a tournament, I have to scroll past all my 6*, all maxed 5* and all T4L1s just to get through them. With the extremely limited roster space, and you refusing to offer more, I can often only free up enough for 10-20 2*, so I have to do this dozens through hundreds of times. I’ve built teams just for ones I want to level up (also goof to put in territories), which makes it a bit easier, but now there’s the same problem when I need to replace one of them, and the team building interface is even more annoying to scroll.

Similarly, i have to scroll ages just to get to the mods. Scrubbers would help here, but really, bags/boxes of the same type need to be combined. Why do all the Benny/Basil chance boxes that you handed out in levelup milestones last year neeed to be individual items, can’t it just be one with a “37x” next to it, and when i press open, it asks me how many I want to open?
This is doubly important with choice boxes, especially now that you hand out so many in small denominations- Michonne choices boxes were super annoying to open already; at least there was no reason not to open them. The war choice bags are going to be terrible and will really clog our inventory unless you do something, and quick.

Teams need to be reorderable. When I build a new attack team that works, why can’t I move it next to my other ones, so that I can switch quickly in war? Don’t force us to do heavy scrolling under time pressure, or to rebuild our teams all the time just to be able to switch conveniently.


Why do you keep so many items in your inbox? Or characters in your roster? This sounds like a YOU problem and not a game problem haha lol

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I was thinking the same thing. Invox auto deletes unclaimed items after 30 days in rewards anyways. Also, survivors club gives unlimited roster space. No way will
They prioritise something f2p.

Mods resetting would be good, esp as I found out the other day I can only keep 1,000 of them. And an upgrade to training camps. More levels to generate benny or other 6* toons. The recent change was a start of it could’ve better.


This wouldn’t help because even if a mod is reset the outcome will always be the same. Mods are not the same as weapons.

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Items in the inbox: Mostly so that I don’t immediately deal with all the trainers they hand out in event milestones/rewards/daily missions. I can usually find a good use for them, bu it might take a few days/weeks. The gold is for coin collectors events - 1800 gold, plus leagues gold, is several pieces of free gear.

The characters in the roster are, admittedly, for collection purposes (I limit myself to max two of each 5*, unless they’re ascendable or really good - even got rid of the excess Christmas Negans, and my hope of an all Christmas Negan seasonal dropped defense), but they are useful occasionally for 5* arena builds, especially with Endurance mode. And a couple of spots just for things I had to claim at some point. like excess yellow active skill trainers - the supply might dry up at some point, so I don’t want to depot them for effectively no value, but they take up a lot of space.

@Jojo29: I know that they expire, I lost a knife sheath to that once, so I have to force myself to check regularly if something needs to be claimed. And the unlimited roster space is one of the few things in SC that are actually attractive, But scrolling becomes even more important with unlimited space.

You reminded me of something I forgot to write down though;

auto-scrapping. This is incredibly important, probably more than the others.

Right now, lots of things we do gives 1*/2* weapons, bronze mods, and similar things. I will nexer ever want to keep these (well, I keep some bronze stun/impair resists for emergencies, but I don’t need more than what I have). Getting rid of them is a pain. Give us an option to automatically disassemble/scrap them. Receiving items should feel at least a bit like a reward, not a punishment.


I wish sc offered unlimited roster space. But it caps out at 1100 fyi

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Territories and Faction Assault

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What’s more laughable is that coining to complete said scavenger would cost the equivalent of 50pounds

More buildings and storage for materials and foods. That patch of land is stagnant almost forever.

Stat changes for G1 toons. Just like in other games, they try to balance their characters in order for it to be relevant still so why not this.

Coin accessibility. I still remember for 2 seasons I think we enjoyed coin rewards regardless of rank and tier now if you are in the demotion zone no coin rewards. Yes it is for that “competitive side” but that is not the case. And with the advent of this collectibles for collectibles shizz we need more coins to get meta relevant toons.

Events that offer good rewards. Just like Pathways we need other events like this one in order for people to play this with gusto again.

Reward wheels. In future wheels please stop putting horrible rewards like a Burt or something. We grind only to be given a Burt because of our bucket. Amp up the rewards also, 3 keys as an example wont appease the slow collection of these collectables.

This are my 2 cents here feel free to add some.


Totally agree


Reduce the crafting time and get rid of the “rng” which is highly involved not only in Earl’s sweaty shack but in every damn aspect of the game. Can’t be possible that you have to wait for couple of months just to get a successful craft. If they cannot or don’t want to change it then they should give back the items used when another craft fails.

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Fix the existing bugs before adding any new features, especially the long outstanding issue with territories crashing.

Make rewards from tournaments and events worth the effort participating, especially for players/factions outside the top 3.

Arenas needs to extend ring rewards beyond top 10 players. Top 50 should get 1 ring, top 25 2 rings, then increasing from #10-#1 as appropriate.

Onslaught needs to have individual milestones added and also end the battle when an entire faction has been defeated.

Walker hordes needs to adjust the stats of the walkers dynamically based on opponent, so it’s possible to win against S Class teams.

Fix the YGL issue - it’s ridiculous that progressing in the game by completing the missions puts players at a significant disadvantage to those who have not. If the issue can’t be resolved easily, then simply change it so that it does not unlock until all the gold missions have been completed. Then it will be fair for all, showing up with similar frequency as well as rewarding players for progressing in the game by completing all the missions. Also, revamp the other missions - many missions are very outdated.

When you own a large number of mods, it becomes very hard to manage, especially which mod is assigned to which toon. Instead of showing the entire list of every mod, show a list of each mod type owned grouped by set. Tapping a mod (E.g: HP / Stun Resist) will then list all the mods you own of that type and by default ordered by rarity and level (so the best mods are shown first.)

Mods assigned to a toon will be grayed out and if you tap on the mod, it should tell you who it’s assigned to without having to actually go to the toon’s profile (making it easier to re-assign mods during free mod removal event. Also, always remember the position in the mod list rather than keep resetting back to the top.

Mod reset - for a cost of scraps, allow a mod to be reset, replacing it with a new mod that has a different random seed and will give different results when leveling it up (may be better or worse than before depending on RNG)

Fix rank/rep of raid bots (player copies) so that it’s the same as the real player - currently it’s always set just below you even if the real player it copied is higher. so you always only win 6 or lose 25 despite usually being a challenging opponent. Also, make win/loss rewards based on team strength of attacker/opponent rather than rank/rep.

When the game loads, please stop fading out the music that I am listening to, especially when the in game audio is turned off in options. This is especially annoying due to how frequently the game crashes.

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The power button at the datacentre and call this charade to a close

Leagues need fixing. There’s not enough incentive to be in diamond. Everyone I know is trying to game it so they stay down.