What's the next event after rarity roadmap?

There’s no leaks on vk rn, but i’m expecting something to show up

F2P haven’t had an event for 6 months :joy:


a real event would be nice.

Everyone asking for pathways, michelle event, choose a side etc, FA event

and what do we get a supid wheel to pull some heads


And it’s not free

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But you can watch somebody else pulling. Here. For free.

That’s the only reason I can find for those videos.

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U can also watch people playing the game, and don’t play

… if you like to watch more then take part.

Next event is a multi week event, probably p2p but well

Seems rebellion roadmap, is the new event rn

I hope it’s not, worst event ever if that’s the case

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That’s a bold statement :joy:


When did solo roadmaps become an ‘event’?
Standards have slipped but for that to be classed as an ‘event’, jeez they’ve slipped immeasurably far!


Wont be any f2p events, they are milking every penny they can before the mass exodus after WOC

Mannequin heads looks like an event. Rebellion is just a roadmap to milk cans.

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