What's the most videos you've watched in a row

Since all indications are that we are not allowed to be too negative here here’s a shill/cuck “lets be positive” post:

What’s the most coin videos you’ve ever watched in a row?
I once watched 81 and that x3 means I got enough gold for not nothing.

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900-1000 in a row. Maybe more.

Geez, that must have been a long day…

A few hours while watching netflix if I recall correctly. Realized there’s no limit (bug?) and went in.

if they havent limited it to 30 a day i would probably watch couple 100s a day

if anyone knows a way of getting round the 30 videos a day limit let me know please

Most was 30, and after recent limitations from few months ago with patch 7 - 3 videos, probably 20 cumulative since September.

I remember a weekend, maybe 6 months ago when there seemed to be no limit on how many you could watch, it was when the changed them from basic viewing ads to the interactive trial ads.

Must have been around 3000 because I earned enough for a big pull from them, didn’t watch them of course, just kept re-watching while doing other stuff.

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i still cant understand why they limit the number of vids per day

So that people won’t be able to gather thousands of coins a day for free. Money first :wink:

yes, but they get paid for us watching them so they’re not exactly free. It’s revenue for them. I get it that they may not want f2p to do 40 pulls on a daily basis but cmon - who would really do that?

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I always get cutoff at 33. Wish I could do more.

They don’t need to worry, with current rate f2p will be doing one big pull with 2 year gathering, especially with current speed of videos appearing, full respect for that.

Don’t think it’s Scopely that limit it, it’s Google/Apple, they know it’s open to abuse.

Definitely not google.

Why so certain?

Cause it started to happen after update from scopely, not google. I remember answer from dash about “better communication between game and videos”, it got better in terms of number dropping and videos lagging.