What's the difference between AOW and CRW?

The title says everything

AOW you face other factions in your own region

CRW you face factions from other regions.


AOW = you fight your friends in your own region
CRW = you fight your enemies in other regions

or two letters if it was riddle?

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Is there an update with war or something?

I miss AOW in my region :frowning:

calender is updated
but cm is forbidden to speak from leagal department so they do it in silence

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AOW —- you wait a long time for matchups
CRW —- you get killed fast as faulty coding matches you against top facs.

*i am rethinking if it is faulty matching now or on purpose to keep war moving for top facs and to get lower facs to coin to get milestones if any still do that


Okay so when is war?

Check the calendar. This weekend. It’s in USA time.

I’m sure your bucket predetermines that

If you’re in a blessed bucket you get easy wars more frequently lol gotta keep the lucky ones happy so they spend more on new ways to kill the unfortunate


Youre just always in the bucket for pricey war can offers to reach your milestones.

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